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Debit 3D Secure 

To add debit card payments to your mobile app or website, cut and paste the following code snippet to your website.

You can find your Knox ID from your dashboard. In case you cant find it , contact us at

<script src=""></script>
<script src="" id="knox_payments_script" 
button_text="Debit Card" knox_id="" recurring="ot" user_request="show_all" invoice_detail="Details" 
response_url="<your response url"></script>
<div class="knox-payments-div" data-amount="custom">


If you want the button to customize a specific payment amount such as $35.99, change the payment_amount like this.

Variable Price

  <div class="knox-payments-div" data-amount="custom"></div> 

Fixed Price

  <div class="knox-payments-div" data-amount="35.99"></div> 


The response will have the following scenarios:-

If the payment is approved, Connexus will redirect the user back to the page initiating the request response_url with params as shown


To test your button gets you paid without making a live payment, enter the following credentials. We feel pretty good that you can figure out how to make your button return declines.

  • Credentials  
  • DEBIT 3D Secure

    { "Debit Card":"4444444444444444" "Expiration Date":"01/16" "CVV":"123" "username":"test" "password":"test" }


  • Wellsfargo
  • Chase
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Citibank
  • Union First Market Bank
  • Ally
  • City National bank
  • Virginia credit union
  • Simple
  • Capital one 360
  • M&T bank
  • USAA
  • PNC
  • TD bank
  • BB&T
  • US bank
  • First Citizen Bank
  • First National Bank USA
  • Cathay Bank
  • Comerica
  • Americal National Bank
  • Cardinal Bank
  • Citizens Bank
  • Union Bank