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Payments with REAL security.

We're not just a payments company, we're a security company.

Login Securely

Knox uses your online banking security to keep your account details out of the hands of malicious hackers and only shared with the companies you choose. We employ 3rd party companies specializing in financial software development like Elinext for impartial testing.

SOC 2 Compliant

We comply with the SOC 2 best practices for data and user security, ensuring that no user information is vulnerable to any known attacks. In addition, our security researchers from top universities make sure to stay on top of the cutting edge of security practices.

256 Bit Encryption

We use TLS to encrypt your information end to end, so you are not vulnerable to having your information sniffed or stolen. We employ 256-bit AES TLS 1.2 with Perfect-Forward-Secrecy for our encryption, keeping your information safe as it moves across the net.

"ACH payments are old news, Knox Payments hopes to stand out with an extreme focus on speed."
Harrison Weber, VentureBeat
"Firms such as Dwolla and Knox Payments in the US have emerged to offer domestic users transfer for well under a dollar, providing low cost alternatives for funding accounts."
Ron Finberg
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