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We believe that those working to create change shouldn't be shortchanged.

The e-commerce business and non-profits that create the fabric of our economy and community lose 3% + 30¢ of every transaction to electronic processing fees. We have a problem with this, and we founded Knox to fix it.

Numbers matter. At Knox we strive to create value for our merchants by keeping the amount they spend on payment processing fees small. We want to take part in the stories of change -- stories where the smallest number makes the biggest difference, while making it a seamless user-experience.



  Thomas Eide

Thomas has been a pioneer of the financial technology industry for the past two decade, and as a native from Virginia, seeks to innovate the industry by moving to Silicon Valley. with a career spanning software development and technology through to sales, and everything in between. He noticed one day that there was a problem with online payments, and sought out to make a difference.


  Julius Gartner
  Vice President of Sales

Julius has one mission - to provide merchants with a seamless way to process payments, saving money, and time whilst doing so. He is passionate about bringing as many merchants on our awesome system as possible - and oh boy, does he have a way with words.


  Abhinav Chitre
  Chief Technology Officer/Founding Member

. The oldest member of the gang! Abhinav is the head of product and the technical lead on integrations, as well back/front-end development. With any technical issues integrating our product, he will gladly be of assistance! He is passionate about software quality, and is a vitally important part of the Knox team. He loves new technology and is passionate about revolutionizing the payments industry. He is currently studying to get his MBA, and is doing a co-op in the process.


  Eric L. Chen
  Technical Evangelist & Account Manager

Eric is a college student studying Computer Science at the University of California - San Diego. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and stands by the crusade of revolutionizing digital payments. Enthusiastic, driven, and passionate about what he does, he brings a unique skillset to the table as a developer and an advisor. In his spare time, he likes to lift weights, read, and surf.
"ACH payments are old news, Knox Payments hopes to stand out with an extreme focus on speed."
Harrison Weber, VentureBeat
"Firms such as Dwolla and Knox Payments in the US have emerged to offer domestic users transfer for well under a dollar, providing low cost alternatives for funding accounts."
Ron Finberg
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